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Queensland Reds: What the coach thinking?

  • Queensland Reds: What the coach thinking?

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Apparently the QLD Reds new coach, Richard Graham, claims to have no problem with Quade Cooper having another boxing bout in 2014.

Well, Graham may not have a problem with it, but any right-thinking Reds fan SHOULD have a problem with it! The last thing any red-blooded fan wants is to see Cooper flat on his back, twitching on the canvas!

If boxing was such a sterling career move Tyson wouldn't be clutching at straws trying to make a go of being a public speaker. George Foreman would be doing something other than selling obscure, low-fat grills.

Besides, enough people don't like Cooper as it is. What if he wins this bout and his ego inflates quicker than a balloon at a kids party? Do we really want to unleash another Anthony Mundine upon this Great Brown Land?

So should Graham pull the leash on Cooper, slap some sense into him and just say "no"? Or should he encourage Cooper's Ali aspirations?

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