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Is Quade Cooper the next Wallabies Captain

  • Is Quade Cooper the next Wallabies Captain

Right, now that youíve had a moment to actually let the gravity and seemingly absurd nature of this revelation sink in, letís really think about it.

The reason Cooper is even being entertained as a candidate for the position is because the newly installed Wallabies Captain, Ben Mowen, has decided to give Aussie rugby the flick for big bucks overseas.

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Now, if Mowenís International ambitions didnít affect The Reds in anyway, I wouldnít mind. But this isnít the first time The Reds have been sandbagged by the big cash rewards on offer in Europe. We lost Digby Ioane last year to the French.

IF Cooper gets the Wallabies captaincy, will he rise to the occasion or will he buckle under the stress? More importantly, how will this unprecedented chain of events affect Cooperís performance and mentality for The Reds?

The ARU needs to pull their finger out of their bums and start throwing around some obscene amounts of cash to keep Aussie players in Oz!!Will Cooperís appointment to Wallabies Captain help or hinder his Reds performances? Am I overreacting? Is the ARU the REAL cause of all this insanity? †

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