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Queensland Reds: Its been a quiet pre-season for the Reds

  • Queensland Reds: Its been a quiet pre-season for the Reds

The Reds have been suspiciously quiet in their pre-season. They haven’t been hunting around for any new big-name players and their current roster hasn’t been sprung passed out in a gutter, causing punch-ups, urinating on strangers’ shoes or groping unsuspecting women.

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Sure, Quade Cooper has mind-boggling delusions of becoming a boxing champ. But there hasn’t been any real mischief out of the Reds camp at all. No disturbances, just an eerie silence.

As it often does, silence can speak volumes.

The absolute hush tells me something: that Richard Graham may have picked up where Ewen McKenzie left off. The silence and complete lack of incident shows that there is:

• respect

• self-control 

• pride circulating throughout the squad

..all qualities of a winning side.

And personally, I need the Reds to be winners this year:

• I have too many Kiwi friends.

• I STILL owe jugs of beer and random wads of cash to a rag-tag collection of Kiwi expatriates from bets.

• Everything went skewiff for me when the Reds lost to the Crusaders in the qualifying final this year.

• I CANNOT suffer through another loss like that.

That’s why the silence buoys my soul. A happy, disciplined team are the recipe for a winning culture.

Is this lack of trouble indicative of Richard Graham taking a strong grip of the reigns and steering the Reds toward a strong culture and victory or am I reading too much into, literally, nothing??

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