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The Kid with Toe

  • The Kid with Toe

The Reds are looking lethal. If Saturdayís pre-season match in Toowoomba against the Chiefs is any indicator then every other team in the Super Rugby should start quaking in their boots.

The Reds completely dominated the Chiefs in their 31-20 victory. But even that score line didnít really do the game justice.

The great thing to see was our back line. Leading up to this pre-season there were sinister whispers that our back line was in disarray and boasted about as much depth as a sat-on pancake.

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Aidan Toua starred at fullback. Coming in to this game I didnít really know much about Toua, which is fair enough, because the kid has only played five games for the Reds since 2011: heís more prone to injury than Shane Watson. But hot-damn, this kid has a bit of toe to him. Heís quicker than the Flash and he can throw in a bit of a shimmy and a killer step too.

Lachie Turner, the ex-Wallaby and pretty much the Reds only off-season buy of note, fell over the line in the first minute or two. A handy talent that I hope he can replicate on a permanent basis.

The Reds absolutely dominated the Chiefs Ė sure, the Chiefs were resting some of their international players, but who cares? We still bore them into the ground. A win is a win.

Is this victory in Toowoomba a sign of good things to come or should it be discounted because itís just a pre-season match?

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