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French Whispers

  • French Whispers

So I heard a wild and completely unfounded, baseless rumour yesterday and it got my juices flowing. I was positively chomping at the bit that the mere possibility of this rumour, this result of Chinese whispers, were true.

I heard that Digby Ioane is home sick in France and might be trying to find a way back home soon.

If, and I am saying "IF", this is true, I would be happy as a pig in crap to welcome Digby back with arms wide open. I mean sure, with the backline the way it is, Digby wouldn't be guaranteed his spot immediately.

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But he should be.

And let me tell you why: it's not because of his speed or his power or his all-round natural ability.


It's because we haven't had a decent breakdancer since he left.

If Digby were to return would you be happy to greet him back into the fold at the Reds or consign him to the scumbag?

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