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Friendly Fire

  • Friendly Fire

Liam Gill is out to prove he's one of the gutsiest blokes in Rugby, declaring he wants to take the field against the Sharks in Durban next week. Which, you might think, isn't that far out of the ordinary. But when you see that Gill's face looks like a dropped pie, you understand the deranged optimism behind Gill's determination.

Injuries come part and parcel with Rugby but it's a bitter pill to swallow when your injury is the result of friendly fire. Gill, whose twisted face is held together by 14 stitches at the moment, copped teammate Ed Quirk's head to the eye. The blood that was splashed across Gill's face was reminiscent of a Jackson Pollock painting.

Gill was a busy little bugger during the game against the Cheetahs up until his busted eye, having a hand in most of the major plays.

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It isn't all bad news though. If Gill's bloated face hasn't deflated enough for him to see out of his left eye then his replacement, Beau Robinson, is no slouch either.

But after seeing Gill's crazed enthusiasm to get his hands dirty recently, I hope he's able to take the field.

Who do you think is Rugby's toughest bloke?



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