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After a first half scoreline of 20-6 any right-thinking Reds supporter assumed they had their match against the Lions in the bag. Imagine my shock and dismay when the Lions walked away with the win, 23-20.

What happened? What went wrong?

A 17-4 penalty count against the Reds and two yellow cards definitely threw a spanner in the works. If you didn't know better you might suspect referee Stuart Berry had a big bet on the Lions to win. To say some of his calls were controversial is to be generous. Some of them were downright inflammatory. It's as if Berry was trying to blow a symphony with that bloody whistle!

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With 15 minutes to go the score was only 20-9 in the Reds favor. Then Berry, in his infinite wisdom, started throwing around yellow cards at James Hanson and Jake Schatz.

The Lions, facing a 13 man team, managed to get across twice but only barely. The second of which came off the back of a clearly crooked line-out.

Quade Cooper was the only man to chalk up points for the Reds in an absolutely astounding performance that has sadly been overshadowed by the only performance on the field that was more prolific: Stuart Berry.

Poor Reds coach Richard Graham and Captain James Horwill were left clearly furious after the game.

It was a bloody travesty.

What's worse? It looks as though Liam 'The Machine' Gill and Aidan 'The Kid with Toe' Toua may be in a spot of bother with both suffering what appears to be pretty serious injuries.

Should Man of the Match have actually gone to ref Stuart Berry? Am I overreacting? Was it actually a fair and conservative piece of refereeing?




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