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Hurt Reds Face Full Force

  • Hurt Reds Face Full Force

The Reds casualty ward is growing by the week with Dom Shipperley and Lachie Turner now ruled out to play against the spritely Force on Saturday night.

Ben Lucas moves to fullback while Rod Davies and rookie Jamie-Jerry Taulagi take up positions on the wing. It seems everyone in the know is excited to see JJ Taulagi give it a red-hot crack. The rumour is he's got more steps in his repertoire than the outside of an Aztec pyramid.

The Force have been one of the surprise packets of the year winning three of their five games so far this season. Former Reds winger Luke Morahan may even be feeding his new teammates at the Force some inside information.

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But none of this really matters. In fact the game may even be inconsequential. Most people will be hanging for the post-match interview, waiting for Nick 'The Honey Badger' Cummins' latest Aussie turn of phrase.

Hopefully for the Reds The Honey Badger won't be as busy as a one-arm bricklayer in Baghdad and hopefully he won't be off like a bucket full of prawns in the sun to get himself a piece of meat.

Can you wait for the Honey Badger's next gem? What are your best Aussie slang or turns of phrase'?

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