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Refs hate the Reds

  • Refs hate the Reds

All of Queensland has united in absolute astonishment, disgust and pure loathing of referee Steve Walsh after the Reds narrow loss of 23-20 to the ACT Brumbies last night. 

Stephen Moore wasn't given a red card, a yellow card or even a bloody greeting card for throwing a brutal punch into Ed Quirk's jaw. Genia capitalised after the punch to dart across field and score, but the whole thing was denied with Walsh awarding the Brumbies a penalty essentially for Quirk getting his face in the path of Moore's knuckles. 

In all honesty the Brumbies probably deserved the win a bit more than the Reds who played an absolutely atrocious first half. They were lazy in defence, constantly out of position and sloppy with the ball. 

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The Brumbies first scored after Jesse Mogg took off down the sideline and dotted a little chip back in-field. Quade Cooper seemingly had the ball covered until he was nearly snapped in two in a great tackle by Pat McCabe and Robbie Coleman. Cooper spilled the ball, Scott Fardy picked up the loose pill to dive over the line.

It was Moore's thuggery and Walsh's ineptitude that actually snapped the Reds out of their dormant first half. 

Cooper was later denied a five-pointer. Quade danced through the Brumbies defence but as he fell over the line he was wrapped up by Joe Tomane who miraculously saved the try when it looked to be a sure thing. 

The Reds defence was often found wanting on both edges with the Brumbies breaking through at will. 

Beau Robinson and Ed Quirk managed to fall over the line after a strong maul and scrum respectively. 

Can the Reds scrape it together to save a shred of dignity for the rest of the season?


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