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One Tough Nut

  • One Tough Nut

In a further bid to have himself declared the toughest bloke in all of rugby, Liam Gill has returned to full training after tearing his hammy.

This has gleefully stunned many at the Reds camp because they weren't expecting him to be anywhere near right for at least another two weeks.

Gill tore his hamstring during the Reds ill-fated tour of South Africa in March.

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Apparently coach Richard Graham isn't willing to risk Gill against the Hurricanes in Wellington on Saturday but may send for him before the Reds clash with the Blues.

Not to diminish Beau Robinson's contributions in Gill's absence, but it will be great to have The Machine back, working harder than a sweat shop.

Is Gill the toughest bloke in Rugby? If not who IS tougher than Gill?

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