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Red O'Connor?

  • Red O'Connor?

There are rumours flying around that the Reds are in talks with James O'Connor to join Queensland next season.

I think this is a great idea and I hope the Reds can collect O'Connor's signature on the dotted line.

With the amount of injuries we've suffered lately we need a truly dynamic and genuine utility. O'Connor can play anywhere in the backline. Ideally he'd make a fantastic fullback for us.

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But the doomsayers out there will be quick to point out his "checkered past". Let's get down to brass tacks: he's only a Rugby bad boy. In comparison to AFL or NRL players O'Connor's transgressions are like a fart in a whirlwind.

JOC hasn't groped strange women unlike Mitchell Pearce and Blake Ferguson.

JOC hasn't crashed his car unlike Buddy Franklin.

JOC hasn't ever been photographed in a "compromised position" with a dog unlike Joel Monaghan.

JOC hasn't broken anyone's jaw unlike Marley Williams.

JOC hasn't taken a dump in a hallway unlike Nate Myles.

All O'Connor has done has missed a meeting or two, eaten fast food and hit the turps at an airport: not exactly Carl Williams is he?

So yes! Here's to hoping Reds coach Richard Graham can make the first smart move of his less than illustrious career with Queensland.

Would you be happy to see JOC at the Reds?


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