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The QLD Curse

  • The QLD Curse


Sometimes being too good is the worst burden to bear. Queensland has suffered the price for their successes time and time again with opposition sides or the National squad pinching our coaches. Here’s the proof.

The Reds: Link McKenzie blew in to Queensland and took the Reds from a cellar dwelling gang of goblins to a dynamic squad of Rugby Gods that won the Super Rugby Final in 2011. Amazing stuff. And it only took Link two years at the helm to win the final. Clearly his skill and prowess as a coach caught the attention of the Fat Cats at the ARU and a cunning coup was set in motion that resulted in the resignation of Wallabies coach, Robbie Deans. Link was immediately offered the role as Wallabies coach.

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Since Link’s departure we have struggled and stumbled through the current Super Rugby season.

Thus Queensland paid the price for their success.

The Bulls/Heat: Boof Lehman rolled into town off the back of some obscure IPL coaching success and was handed the reigns of the Queensland Bulls and the Brisbane Heat. His blunt, jaunty, devil-may-care style of coaching earned him instant respect from the players. That respect parlayed to instant success with Boof leading the Bulls to a Shefield Shield win, a Ryobi Cup win and a Big Bash title.

Cricket Australia took quick action to have Australia’s then current coach, Mickey Arthur, to be given the arse so as to make way for Boof as coach of the Australian Cricket Team.

Thus Queensland and Brisbane paid the price for their success.

The Broncos: Wayne Bennett created the Brisbane Broncos and quickly moulded them into one of the most consistently quality sides in the NRL since 1988. In his twenty years at the Broncos, Benny delivered six premierships.

It was this consistent success that drove up Bennett’s price tag and it’s hard for any bloke to say “no” to a number with a half dozen zero’s behind it.

Thus Brisbane paid the price for their success.

The Roar: Ange Postecoglou stepped into the coaching role of the Roar in 2009 and by the 2010/11 season the Roar were A-League champions. Pretty flash stuff really. The Roar even went on to set an Aussie record of 36 straight matches undefeated. The next season The Roar became the first team in A-League history to win back-to-back titles.

Magic stuff.

So when the Melbourne Victory came a-calling with a big money offer ol’ Ange couldn’t say no. It wasn’t long after that Ange signed with the Victory that he was given the chance to coach the Socceroos.

Thus Brisbane paid the price for their success.  

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