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Dick's Confession

  • Dick's Confession

Richard Graham has come out and made a startling confession: he’s a bit cross at himself for not working on the Reds defence this year.


I think ol’ Dicky Gaz needs to have a bit of a squizz at a couple more key areas than just defence. Attack and fundamental basics are two things that pop to mind.

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The Reds have been uncharacteristically awful this year and there are two differences between last year’s finals appearance and this year’s cellar dwelling weirdness: Digby Ioane and Richard Graham.

Now Digby Ioane was pretty good but he wasn’t the singular crutch that the entire team was leaning on during their success.


That only leaves Richard Graham. The Western Force dropped him like a flaming bag on someone’s doorstep and for some reason, we picked him up. I know there has been an astounding number of injuries and refereeing howlers but that should be no matter. The fact that our entire back line has executed a mass exodus should tell us something.

So Dick, sure, concentrate on solidifying the Reds defence for next year but how bout thinking about sharpening their attack and polishing their basic skills? Also if we could sign half a dozen blokes so we could actually field an entire backline, well, that would be great.

Am I being too harsh on Richard Graham?

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