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More Possible Reds' Signings?

  • More Possible Reds' Signings?

Are the Reds gearing to sign another two players that could add some real depth?

Word on the grapevine is that the Tongan Thor, Taniela Tupou, is on the verge of signing with the Reds after knocking back NZRU’s overtures.

Not only that but it seems the Reds are also in the hunt for the prodigal Marmin Barba, younger brother of Dally M award winner, Ben Barba.

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Tupou is being billed as the next big thing – literally. At 135kg and as fleet-footed as a “So You Think You Can Dance” contestant, Tupou has been courted by any self-respecting Rugby outfit from around the world. But Tupou, despite being Tongan, grew up idolising the Wallabies.

Marmin Barba is technically contracted to the Broncos next season but he hasn’t played a game for them at the top grade since signing with them earlier this year. Barba has, however, been setting the Intrust Super Cup alight while playing for the Ipswich Jets.

If the Reds could snare both of these players it would bring to an end a triumphantly successful recruiting binge by the Reds.

Would Tupou and Barba fit into the Reds squad? Would a backline containing Karmichael Hunt, James O’Connor and Marmin Barba be among the strongest in Super Rugby?  

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