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JOC Feeds the Sharks

  • JOC Feeds the Sharks

It was another calamatous outing for the Reds last night, going downn 14-21 to the Sharks in a game that was tragically and hillarious won and lost by James O'Connor. 

In the dying stages of the game O'Connor took a pass beyond his own goal line and wound up for what looked to be one king-hell of a clearing kick. O'Connor's following kick was a debacle. Coming off the side of his boot, O'Connor managed a perfect little punt, smack bang into the bread basket of Sharks halfback, Stefan Ungerer, who stood shocked for a moment before taking several steps and falling over the unprotected try line for the Sharks' match winning try. It was Ungerer's second try of the match and possibly the easiest of his career. 

Coach Richard Graham could do nothing more than look on in despair, knowing that the fiends are knocking at his door, howling for his blood. 

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This one moment of madness perfectly summed up the Reds season: try as they might for a win, something always seems to go pear-shaped for them at the most inopportune moment. Simple mistakes and ill discipline need to be ironed out of the Reds if they are any chance of being a threat next season. Or at least thought of as a little more challenging than the bye round by other teams. 

But it is O'Connor's gaff that will be remembered from this game. 




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